About David Grin

David Grin is chairman of Lotus Investment Group, a Dublin-based investment management firm that has been operating in Ireland since 2013. The firm identified a strong demand for funding of high-quality development in the residential and commercial real estate market in Ireland being driven by the global recovery and a recognized deficit in the market supply. To date, Lotus has provided loans for over 190 projects, lent over €300 million to developers and property managers and contributed to the completion of over 2,800 homes. The firm operates primarily in the Greater Dublin Area, Cork and Galway, as well as commuter belts outside the main cities, where demand for residential and commercial property is high.

Lotus specializes in small and medium property assets, assisting clients seeking funding between €500,000 to €10 million. The firm provides financing for real estate development and acquisition through working capital loans for developers of new construction projects, acquisition loans for real estate buyers of existing residential and commercial properties and loans for real estate portfolio purchasers from banks and receivers.

Lotus Investment Group strives to create long lasting funding partnerships with clients to provide a customer centric experience as opposed to once off transactions. As a private equity firm, Lotus has an advantage over traditional lenders due to the flexibility and speed with which funds can be made available to clients. Our funds are solely dedicated to Lotus projects, so they can be allocated quickly. It is not uncommon for funds to be distributed within three to six weeks after initial consultation. This can be especially advantageous to clients participating in prospective deals attracting interest from multiple parties, giving them an opportunity to strike first.

The residential and commercial property market is continuing a steady growth trend, providing Lotus and its clients with abundant opportunities for investment. With the growing demand for funding in the construction and real estate sector, non-bank lending is becoming a popular form of financing for projects in the Irish market. Lotus Investments operates outside of the traditional banking system, allowing it to offer unique, customized services tailored to fit the needs of each client. The firm operates under a strong management team with international experience.

With increasing success, attractive funding options and a growing reputation for excellence, Lotus is quickly attracting larger more institutional clients. Reliability, agility and innovation in property funding has contributed to Lotus’ growth in Ireland. Lotus considers every prospective project, thoroughly exploring all facets of the deal before proceeding. Lotus promotes a system of complete transparency, providing clients and investors with the confidence of knowing where they stand throughout the funding process. Given the success of Lotus Investment Group in the Irish market, it has expanded its operations to the Spanish market, offering similar financial and investment solutions in the real estate sector.

Mr. Grin is also the chair of Cara Infinity Investments another Dublin based investment company that specializes in investments in sites with full planning permission that are slated to be completed within one to two years. Cara Infinity operates separately from Lotus Investment Group, with a focus on buying ready to build housing sites.