David Grin

40% of Social Housing in 2018 Provided by Not-for-Profit Agencies

A recent annual activity report released by the Irish Council for Social Housing (ICSH) stated that non-for-profit agencies were responsible for almost 40% of social housing delivered across Ireland, with…

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Lotus Investment Group Project in Oldtown

Ireland’s Growing Rental Crisis

Investors, prospective homeowners, and anyone with a vested interest in living in Ireland should take note of the rapid rates of change in the cost of living in Ireland. For…

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David Grin Lotus Investment Survey

Lotus Investment Group’s insightful survey suggests downsizing might be the answer to Ireland’s housing shortage

Lotus Investment Group’s nationwide survey conducted by IReach exposed that 78% of Irish over the age of 55 would downsize their residence, suggesting this might ease Ireland’s current dwelling debacle….

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