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Daft.ie, Ireland’s Largest Property Listing Site, Ordered to Block Discriminatory Language in Online Ads

The Workplace Relations Commission rules Daft Media Ltd must remove and prevent adverts with discriminatory language on their website. Recently, the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) issued an order calling for…

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David Grin examines new short-term letting rules

New Restrictions Target Airbnb Rentals Across Ireland

Irish government introduces new short-term letting rules in an attempt to alleviate the country’s growing rental crisis. New short-term letting regulations recently came into effect nationwide. It is important that…

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Lotus Investment Group has become a leading destination for developers looking for property financing options

Locked out of the Market: Structural Obstacles to Affordable Housing

Restrictions by the Irish Central Bank have proven to be a major obstacle to homeownership for potential homebuyers across the nation. The Central Bank rules are in place to promote…

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David Grin Coliving

A Contentious Debate over Co-Living Erupts in Ireland

The coliving trend has set off a contentious debate in Ireland demonstrating the growing pressure on the market and the government to provide affordable accommodation solutions that the Irish people…

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David Grin

40% of Social Housing in 2018 Provided by Not-for-Profit Agencies

A recent annual activity report released by the Irish Council for Social Housing (ICSH) stated that non-for-profit agencies were responsible for almost 40% of social housing delivered across Ireland, with…

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Lotus Investment Group Project in Oldtown

Ireland’s Growing Rental Crisis

Investors, prospective homeowners, and anyone with a vested interest in living in Ireland should take note of the rapid rates of change in the cost of living in Ireland. For…

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David Grin BTR

A Controversial Building Model Could Offer a Viable Solution to the Irish Housing Crisis

The most recent quarterly rental report released by Daft.ie, on the 1st of May 2019, found only 2700 homes in Ireland were currently available to be rented out According to…

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David Grin Resiliency

The Strength of the Industry Relies on the Resilient Character of Individuals

The property development industry is not for the faint of heart. The fine relationship between risk and reward is an inherent aspect of the housing development business model. In addition…

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Lotus Investment Group

A Busy Summer Ahead for the Irish Commercial Property Market

The newly released bimonthly report by CBRE property specialists anticipate a flurry of activity across the Irish commercial property market in the coming months. The quarterly report by the property…

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David Grin

BIM Technologies: Redefining the Construction Industry

New technologies have the potential to revolutionise the construction and housing market. What is holding the industry back? The construction industry has been unable to keep up with increasing levels…

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